It is a mobile application designed for Investors and Shareholders with which they can interact with their investments under the purview of First Registrars. It gives shareholders unlimited access to all the information relating to their investments, dividends and many more.


What are the Benefits?

  • With the Mobile App, you can access your stockholding/shareholding balances without necessarily visiting our office
  • You can access the status of your dividends both claimed and unclaimed
  • You can confirm your bank mandate status
  • You can pre-register for AGMs and other corporate meetings right from the App
  • You can verify your correspondence address, email address and lots more


How does it work?

  • Simply visit the google playstore or apple store on your mobile phone to download “First Registrars Mobile App”
  • Open the App to register your personal details for first time users, at this point, a PIN will be sent to your mobile phone and will be used subsequently to access your investment information on the App
  • You will be prompted to change the default PIN to your preferred PIN
  • Login with your mobile phone number and your PIN and you are set to enjoy seamless interactions with your investments.