First Registrars from key perspectives is the leading share data management company in Nigeria. Our customer base of over 3 million shareholders drawn from about 70 major client companies remains absolutely unmatched.


Prior to the incorporation of First Registrars as a limited company, the company operated as a unit in First Bank of Nigeria Plc, offering Share Register Administration Services for well over 30 years to Corporate Bodies and State Governments.

Following the re-structuring in the Bank, the Registrars Unit was incorporated as “FIRST REGISTRARS NIGERIA LIMITED” in May, 1999 as an independent company.

First Registrars Nigeria Limited remained a wholly owned subsidiary of First Bank of Nigeria Plc until December 2012 when a resolution was passed at the Court-Ordered-Meeting that FirstBank should divest its entire holdings from First Registrars in line with the CBN directives. Consequently upon this, a new Board of Directors took over the company while retaining its competent Management team under the leadership of Bayo Olugbemi (FCIB, FICMR).

Again, in 2015, the ever evolving First Registrars Nigeria Limited reinforced its market leadership by unveiling a new identity with an increased service portfolio to become FIRST REGISTRARS AND INVESTOR SERVICES LIMITED.


Our Core Share Register Data Management services include amongst other the following:

  • Maintenance of client companies Register of Shareholders which includes change of addresses, Bank mandate, Probate or Letters of administration, Change of names etc.
  • Payment of dividend warrants/interest to shareholders/bondholders respectively.
  • Registration of share transfers.
  • Issuing of share certificates.
  • Distribution of annual reports and accounts.
  • Organizing and officiating at AGMs/EGMs.
  • New issues, Rights issues, Private placements, Mergers and Acquisition.
  • Verification of Shareholders/bondholders signature
  • Liaising with CSCS to update the register of shareholders/ Registration of share transfers.
  • Production and filling of statutory reports with the corporate affairs commission.
  • Rendering statutory reports to NSE and SEC on behalf of client companies etc…

First Registrars also remains the most innovative Registrar outfit in the country introducing to the industry the following value adding products and services:


  • Electronic Voting (e-Voting) – First Registrars pioneered the use of electronic voting device at AGMs/EGMs of client companies.
  • FirstDividend Plus Prepaid Card – First Registrars also pioneered the use of prepaid cards in distributing dividends to shareholders especially those who are unable to claim their dividends as a result of having no bank accounts.
  • Online Access – This gives shareholders and client companies the access to manage and monitor the transactions on their share accounts online 24/7.
  • e-Share Notifier – This is an SMS platform that offers real time SMS alert to investors on transactions relating to their share accounts.
  • Live Chat – First Registrars remains the only Registrar outfit that offers real time direct live chat services to enhance customers’ experience in resolving queries and issues.


In addition to the core share data register management services offered by First Registrars, we also offer “KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICES”.



Our brand visibility has also earned us both local and international recognitions from renowned organizations, specifically, the Capital Finance International (, a UK based print journal and online reporting and analysis on business, economics and finance worldwide bestowed on First Registrars the award for the best “Share Registrar” in Nigeria for two consecutive years 2015 and 2016. The company was also recently awarded the “Best Registrar in West Africa” under the Best Investment Adviser in West Africa Award category by the West Africa Innovations Awards, 2017.


The First Registrars brand remains youthful and vibrant with active presence on major social media platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.